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Special Issue CONVERGENCE 2015, April 2015

Title:         A Review of Public Key Cryptography for Secure Communication Using RSA
Authors:    Prof. V. P. Narkhede, Ms. P. S. Ajabe,Mr.S.M.Dandage, Ms. P. B. Zope

Title:         Transmission Efficient Data Gathering Using Compressive Sensing In Wireless
                Sensor Network

Authors:    Mr. Nitesh A. Dube, Dr. P. M. Jawandhiya

Title:         A Review on Segmentation and Optimization Of WBC Based on Digital Microscopic

Authors:    Monika Korde, Dipali Ingale, Jyoti Mule, Indrajit Deshmukh

Title:         Bone Fracture Detection Using Image Processing In Matlab
Authors:    Ms.Snehal Deshmukh, Ms.Shivani Zalte, Mr.Shantanu Vaidya, Mr.Parag Tangade

Title:         Review On Cryptography: A Symmetric Key Encryption Techniques
Authors:    Ms. N. K. Lakde, Prof. V.P.Narkhede

Title:         A Web Application for Compiling Codes of C, C++ and C# Programming Languages
Authors:    Ashish kela, Anwar Khan, Sonali Chavan, Bhagyashri Thakur

Title:         Implementation of Bio Inspired Security Techniques for Computer Network
Authors:    Mr. Sachin M. Dandage, Prof. Kapil B. Morey, Miss. Neha D. Kadu

Title:         Social Compute Cloud, its Core Components & role in Social Networks
Authors:    Mr. Chetan Chunekar, Prof. Anup R. Nimje

Title:         Renewable Energy Sources
Authors:    Ms. Neha Mohite, Ms. Gauri Jadaho

Title:         Study of Unmanned Vehicle (Robot) for Coal Mines
Authors:    Ms. T.L.Bhople, Ms. Radhika Bihade

Title:         Comparative Study of Converters using DC-Drive
Authors:    Prof. P.B. Shelke, Miss. Snehal S. Phirke, Miss. Kishori A. Katole,
                Miss. Poonam A. Khare, Mr. Sujit V. Dukare

Title:         Visible light communication using Micro-LED {LiFi Technology}
Authors:    Miss.Arti P. Dhoran, Miss.Alka N. More, Miss.Apurva D. Shingne,
                Miss.Ashwini R. Warade

Title:         A Cross-Layer Approach For Energy Efficient Wireless Communications
Authors:    Prof. A. S. Bendmali, Prof. S. V. Sardar

Title:         An Intellectual GSM Network Security Design
Authors:    Sania I. Khan, Sarita S. Raje, Sayali D. Shelke, Shubhangi S. Wanare

Title:         Smart Home Automation Using Android Application
Authors:    Ms.A.V.Ballal, Ms.J.S.Vyawahare,Ms.D.A.Gunjkar, Ms.K.B.Jadhao

Title:         Securing Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Authors:    Priyanka A. Motekar, Dr. Pradip M. Jawandhiya

Title:         Security Goals and Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: An exclusive survey
Authors:    Sanchali S. Pandhare, Dr. P. M. Jawandiya

Title:         Study of Various Geographic Position Based Routing Protocols in VANETS
Authors:    Renuka M. Mahajan, Prof. A. O. Bang

Title:         A Survey Paper: Threats and Vulnerability In Cloud Computing
Authors:    Vishakha Om. Gupta, Prof. Yogesh Rai

Title:         Security Risks, Limitations and Operational Problems in Mobile Computing
Authors:    Miss. Ashwini S Barote, Prof.Ankur.O.Bang

Title:         Advanced Cryptography Algorithm for Improved Data Security
Authors:    Tejaswi D. Jadhav, Prof. Vaibhav P.Narkhede

Title:         Review: Ecies Scheme in Smart Grid Communication
Authors:    Ms. K. P. Sonune, Prof. V. P. Narkhede

Title:         Record Linkage in Various Types of Clustering Tree By using K-means Clustering Algorithm
Authors:    Ms. Radhika Mundhada, Prof. Anup R. Nimje

Title:         Overview on Network Security
Authors:    Sujata Tambat, Vaibhav Narkhede

Title:         Cloud Computing: History, Architecture, Security Issues
Authors:    Swati I. Bairagi, Ankur O. Bang

Title:         A Survey of Identifier–Locator Split Addressing Architectures
Authors:    Shrutika A. Deshmukh, Prof. V.P. Narkhede

Title:         Research Side of Skilled System of Indian Judiciary of Crime against Girls
Authors:    Sumit C. Lahe, Dr. P. M. Jawandhiya

Title:         Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks: Types, Applications, Security Goals
Authors:    Ms. Monika G. Ghorale, Prof. A. O. Bang

Title:         Study of Performance Analysis of Ball Valve operated Reciprocating Pump
Authors:    Mr. A. P. Bawane, Prof. S. J. Parihar

Title:         Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of Coarse Aggregate and Greywater
Authors:    Pratima D. Purwar, Ganesh P. Deshmukh

Title:         Groundwater Recharging & Rainwater Harvesting
Authors:    Atul D Kute, Ankush T sawle, Mahesh D Ghyal, Prof G. P. Deshmukh

Title:         Static Analysis of Elevated Storage Reservoir
Authors:    Ashish V. Dhanokar, Manoj G. Khandare, Pratima D. Purwar


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