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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2016

Title:         Green Computing
Authors:    C.Suresh, V.Vidhya, R.Muthulakshmi, J.Vishnupriya, S.Menaka

Title:         SEO Tools
Authors:    Ashwini S. Bodkurwar, Prof. S. L. Thombare

Title:         Automated Code Generator for Java Web Database Application
Authors:    Mr. Aniket Gulwade, Mr. Makarand Shahade

Title:         Review Paper on Software Development Life Cycle for Software Project Management
Authors:    Miss. Dhwaneeka A. Mangulkar, Prof. Makrand R. Shahade

Title:         WiMax Technology
Authors:    Prof. R. M. Shende, Ms. Diksha K. Badnore

Title:         Internet Based Auction
Authors:    Gaurav I. Bora

Title:         Review Paper on Software Development Life Cycle for Software Project Management
Authors:    Miss. Isha M.Shirbhate, Prof. Makrand R. Shahade

Title:         Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript & XML)
Authors:    Prof. R. M. Shende, Kishan B. Jamulkar

Title:         WEBDEV-A Six Sigma DMAIC based Web Portal Design Framework
Authors:    Akshay R. Jaisingpore, Ashwani G. Ingale

Title:         Accessing Multibank Account Using Single Card
Authors:    Ankita Rajendra Andurkar

Title:         Executive Based Secure Database System for College
Authors:    Nitin Nilkanth Sutsonkar, Prof. O .V.Chandure

Title:         Review on Java Database Connectivity
Authors:    Pranay Jaiswal, Prof. V. O. Chandure

Title:         Improvement of Intelligence Process Tracking System for Job Seekers
Authors:    Pratik Ashokrao Shirbhate, Asist. Prof. Ashwini G. Ingale

Title:         DRUPAL-Open Source CMS
Authors:    Pratik S. Godbole, A. D. Patil

Title:         Review Paper on Software Testing Techniques and Strategies in Software development
                life cycle

Authors:    Miss. Pooja P. Butale,Chaitali S.Suratkar

Title:         Real-Time Multi-Auction System
Authors:    Sagar P. Shinde, Yugandhara V. Dhepe

Title:         Vision System of Blue Eyes
Authors:    Prof. R. M. Shende, Mr. Saurabh L. Shrirang

Title:         Quantum Cryptography
Authors:    Mr. Shyam N. Ajmire, Prof. K. G. Purohit


Authors:    Mr. Sumit Moon, Mr. Makarand Shahade

Title:         Software Testing Concepts & Methodology (STCM
Authors:    Vivek Motiram Kumbhare, Prof. O.V.Chandure

Title:         Review on Windows Communication Foundation
Authors:    Shubham Madhukar Dhore, Prof. R.M.Shende

Title:         Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Authors:    Vishal S. Suryawanshi, Prof. S. L. Thombare

Title:         Utility Bill Payment System
Authors:    Diksha Dilip Deshmukh, Prof.A.R.Rathod

Title:         Improve Page Ranking Using Search Engine Optimization
Authors:    Sumit Arun Raut, Prof. S. L. Thombare

Title:         Online voting system for small organization
Authors:    Pranali Uttamrao Bejelwar, Prof. komal purohit

Title:         Adding Intelligence to the Internet through Satellite
Authors:    Sachin D. Dumpalwar, Onkar v. Chandure

Title:         Basic Database Operation Using SSMS
Authors:    Mr. Hrishikesh Belgamwar, Prof. S.L.Thombare

Title:         Backup and Restore Techniques
Authors:    Miss. Priyanka U. Rathod, Prof. S. L. Thombare

Title:         SQL Server Query Optimization Approach–Tips for Writing Productive and Faster Queries
Authors:    Miss. Shraddha S. Kawalkar, Prof. S. L. Thombare

Title:         Fog Computing: A Platform for Internet of Things and Analytics
Authors:    Pranav Ashok Raut, Onkar V. Chandure

Title:         Research and Development of Mobile Application for Android Platform
Authors:    Mr. Sumit Moon


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