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Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2015

Title:         Comparative analysis of Unit Testing Frameworks for Java Projects
Authors:    Amit Sharma, Dr. Shivani Goel

Title:         High Speed VLSI Architecture for 2n Scaling of Signed Integer in RNS
Authors:    Steffi Keran Rani .J, Dr. J.M.Mathana

Title:         Implementation of Reed-Solomon (RS) and CDMA for signaling a voice through AWGN
                at 8 KHz sampling frequency using BPSK

Authors:    Ali Tariq Bhatti, Dr. Jung H. Kim

Title:         ARDUINO Based Wireless Security System For Coal Mining Workers
Authors:    CH. Aparna, B. Vamsi Krishna

Title:         High Performance Reconfigurable Architecture of FFT Processor For LTE Systems
Authors:    Lavanya.G.S, Dr. J.M.Mathana


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