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Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2015

Title:         An Enhanced Mechanism for Localization in WSN using Hybrid PBO & GA
Authors:    Akhil Sharma,Vinay Kumar, Vivek Kanwar

Title:         Enhanced PUMA Protocol for Route Optimization in MANET
Authors:    Gaurav Jaryal, R.K Saini, Vivek Kanwar

Title:         Performance Analysis of Enhanced SLM & PTS Techniques in MIMO-OFDM
Authors:    Abhinesh, R.K Saini, Vivek Kanwar

Title:         Design and Implementation of 16 Bit Low Cost Low Power Bypassing Based
                Multiplier Using FPGA

Authors:    Ms. Khandare P.S, Dr. S. H. Shah

Title:         Review of Secure kNN Query over Untrusted Data Cloud
Authors:    Miss Monika D.Rokade, Mr.S.A.Kahate

Title:         Multisim Based Simulation of Interfacing Circuit for Condition Monitoring of HV
                Underground Cables

Authors:    Gurdamandeep Singh, Shailesh Kumar


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