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Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2015

Title:         A Study on the Framing of Questionnaire to Gauge MSME Employers’ Perception
                on Online Recruitments

Authors:    Tanushree Gulati, Dr. Anita Gupta

Title:         Literature Review on ACO Based Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
Authors:    Prachee Ulhas Ketkar, Dr. Pradip Jawandhiya

Title:         Thermal Imaging of Facial Signature as a Biometric Approach to Authentication
Authors:    M.Malathi, M.Gayathri, P.Sreepriya, C.Vilasini

Title:         Studies of 4G Technique in Wireless Communication Application
Authors:    Giriraj Prajapati, Prof. Rajiv Trivedi

Title:         Implementing IEEE 802.15.4 standards using Wireless modules for Wireless handheld
                Visitor Guide and Tracking System for Security Purpose

Authors:    Mayuri Pawar, Ayesha Shaikh, Sayali Dorge

Title:         Cloud Computing Secured Document Storage Server
Authors:    Sarang V. Konlade, Prof. P. L. Ramteke

Title:         Pattern Analysis for Text Mining
Authors:    Ankita Modi, Abhiruchi Mane, Anuja Kshirsagar

Title:         Dynamic Resource Allocation & Security Challenges in Cloud Computing Environment
Authors:    B.Samue, R. Angeline

Title:         Performance Analysis of DSDV, AODV AND DSR Routing Protocol In MANETs
Authors:    Champa Devi, Himanshu Saini, Vivek Kumar

Title:         Performance Analysis of an Efficient Approach of Congestion Control From Semi-TCP
                Multi-Hop Wireless Network

Authors:    Ms. Dipti M. Jawalkar, Dr. M. V.Sarode

Title:         An Implementation of Novel Framework Model for Personalized Web Search Using
                URL Query

Authors:    Ms. Ankita S. Patil, Prof. M. M. Ghonge

Title:         Convenient Technique to Deliver Messages to Distinct Location using RSUs
Authors:    Piyush R.Mandale, Prof. Mangesh M.Ghonge

Title:         Implementation on Image Encryption and Compression System
Authors:    Kalyani G. Nimbokar , Dr. M.V.Sarode

Title:         Web Mining Image retrieval and Reranking in Multimodal fusion Method
Authors:    Rima P. Lingawar , Dr. Milind V. Srode, Prof.Mangesh M. Ghonge


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