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Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2015

Title:         Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using Image Processing Technique: Review
Authors:    Kajal Narad, Pallavi Ramteke, Payal Durge, Nilima Waghmare, Swati Fulzele,
                   Samrudhi Kadu, Prof. Shweta Pethe

Title:         An Implementation of on-chip Bus using Synchronous OCP Interface
Authors:    Manjunath N, Arun Raj S.R

Title:         Matlab Based Individual Identification Method Using Iris Pattern
Authors:    Pooja R.kawale, Shweta C.Thote, Gauri V.Pohokar

Title:         Design of Multiplier Radix-2, Radix-4 Using VHDL
Authors:    Sneha Kulurkar, Priti Topare ,Vidya Jogdande, Deepali Nandeshwar, Prof. Mr Atul Jambulkar

Title:         An analysis of Encryption Algorithms AES, DES and RSA
Authors:    Anuradha Goswami, Associate Prof. Sarika Khandelwal

Title:         Channel Estimation & Equalization in WiMAX
Authors:    Mr. Pritam Shital Langde, Prof. N. B. Sambre

Title:         Secure and Efficient Approach for Multilayer Cyber Security Based on Intrusion
                Detection System

Authors:    Mr. Ashish A. Mutha, Prof. Miss R. R. Tuteja


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