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Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2015

Title:         An Insight into Various Techniques on Association Rule Mining using Multi Objective
                Genetic Algorithm

Authors:    Minal Suthar, Anjuman Ranavadiya

Title:         Privacy Preserving on Public Cloud Computing Security in Intellectual Documents
Authors:    M.Asan Nainar, V.Santhana Marichamy

Title:         An Insight into Relational Database Watermarking Using Clustering Approach
Authors:    Chauhan Lekha R, Bhailal Limbasiya

Title:         Usability evaluation of Alux Bot (chatbot) with Primary School Children
Authors:    Carlos Miranda-Palma, Maximiliano Canche-Euán, Erika Llanes-Castro

Title:         Concept Adapting for Integration of RFID and WSN with Data cleaning and its application
                for object tracking system

Authors:    Sudesh Ashok Bachwani, J. S. Karnewar

Title:         Reversible Watermarking for Digital Images Using Pixel Histogram Shifting and
                Visual Cryptography

Authors:    Kirti P. Sahare, Prof. S. A. Murab


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