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Volume 1, Issue 8, December 2014

Title:          A Survey of Data Perturbation Techniques for Data Mining
Authors:    Ruchika Patel, Mr. Narendra Limbad

Title:          A Survey on Relational Database Watermarking Using Clustering Approach
Authors:    Rital Patel, Nishidh Chavda

Title:          Analysis and Testing of Memory Using DRAM
Authors:    Jotsna Joshy,Merlin Thomas

Title:          A Survey of Association Rule Mining Based On Genetic Algorithm
Authors:    Vidisha J. Dhodi,Ms Jasmine Jha

Title:          Wireless Sensor Network with Enhancement of Greedy Routing and Anti-Void Protocol
Authors:    Rakhi Bharadwaj, Pooja Shinde, Swati Dhakane, Shweta Kamble, Mohini Kharade

Title:          Review on Design of MEMS based Accelerometers for Various Structures
Authors:    Sahil, Alka, Dr. ArtiArora, Dr. G.S. Virdi

Title:          Design and Analysis of 8-bit Array and Tree CMOS Multiplier with Different
                   Logic Styles at 180nm

Authors:    Sandeep kaur, Er. Ashwani Kumar Narula, Er. Lalit Garg


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