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Volume 1, Issue 7, November 2014

Title:          An Efficient Data Security System Using Combined Approach of Scalable Compression
                  and Reserve Room on Digital Images

Authors:    Chinju K Suni, Prathibha Varghese

Title:         FPGA Implementation of All Digital Phase Locked Loop Using Adaptive Prescaler and DCO
Authors:    Ms. Sarika K R, Mrs. Haripriya P

Title:         Analysis on Software Project Scheduling and Staffing using ACO and EBS
Authors:    Prof. Dadaram Jadhav, Akshada Paygude, Aishwarya Bhosale, Rahul Bhosale

Title:         Context Based English to Marathi Translation and Transliteration
Authors:    Dipentee Telkar, Payal Malghe, Ankita Khalate, Kiran Kadam

Title:          Implementation of Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for Mobility Aware Wireless Sensor

Authors:    Mr. Ritesh A.Jadhav, Prof. N.B.Sambre

Title:         Clock Gating and Precomputation Based Low Power ALU Design
Authors:    Neethu Suresh, Seena George

Title:         Design & Analysis of Non-restoring Array Divider using 65nm Technology
Authors:    Sumandeep Kaur, Ashwani Narula, Candy Goyal, Hemant Singh Mittal

Title:         An Overview on Wireless Sensor Networks and Energy Efficient Routing Protocol
Authors:    Mrs. Manisha M. Magdum, Associate Prof. P. P. Belagali

Title:         Design of Transmitter for SDR Application
Authors:    Prasanna S.C., Joy Vasantha Rani.S.P.

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